Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All of America is a Free Speech Zone

Non-violent protesters are just that; non-violent. Most embrace the methods of Dr. King and know violence destroys their message and goals.

However, there are those, who for whatever reason, embed themselves, in the midst of these protesters for the only reason of stirring up crap.

Seattle WTO protests are an excellent example of that.

The police did not seek out those with criminal intent rather they focused on the people carrying out well respected methods of simple civil disobedience.

Law enforcement then drug out the riot gear, rubber bullets and teargas to attack the peaceful, elderly, children, bystanders and residents (this latter group really got hopping mad).

Those in charge in Denver appear to be following the shameful example of Seattle.

All protesters need to be well aware of those hiding in their midst and their political affiliations, who are there only to unleash this horror in order to discredit them, the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.

It seems the police are reading themselves to not differentiate between the peaceful and the violent but to prepare for a fight they seem to be looking forward to.
The shining gem of my state - WTO-1999


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