Saturday, August 09, 2008

hanging in there--kinda sorta

I suppose I should say why I haven't been here very much.

Part of the reason is in the backyard; that being my organic garden. I've been gardening for years and I'm not about to let MS stop me now. I wish I had pictures but I don't. I work for 5 to 10 minutes then I rest for a while. I've been able to build quite a nice garden working that way plus some help from my youngest son. I've down-sized it quite a bit. My gardens used to be much larger, but most people would think what I have now is huge.

The other reason is our puppy dog. (
Newest Member!!!) He's coming along very well. He's fit into the family and our lifestyle well. He's intelligent and picks up new things quickly, but you would expect that with the breed. We walk him every morning with our electric Pronto wheelchairs. We bought a 20 foot lead and give him plenty of room to roam and sniff when we get on these rocky undeveloped roadways we have so many of up here on the South Hill. We draw many smiles from those who see this odd little parade.

The other reason is MS. I've been having a flare-up of something that started a couple of years ago. Buzzing in my feet and hands and lower face which puts my brain into a distracted slow mode. When it really gets going my ears pop and my vision jerks, fortunately I've had a minimum of popping and no vision problems this time around. There's also this thing that happens kind of electric in my hands and feet that is almost pain but not quite. My MS specialist started talking about these kind of symptoms and mentioned electric worms crawling under the skin. It was kind of a Charlie Brown moment, "That's it!". Anyway I've been given a new med for that problem and provigil for energy. I'm on the second day of taking them so will see how it goes. I may have to get used to it like I have with my tremors which I've had for some 20 plus years.

I want to do a better job of getting on here more. I know I have only a few readers that pop in now and then(I wouldn't be surprised if some are from alphabet agencies spying on all liberal blogs no matter how small) but this is mostly for my benefit with hopes that my children will someday read it and know where their dad stood and why, during these troubling times.

My youngest son borrowed a friends camera and took some pictures.

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