Wednesday, October 22, 2008

al Qaeda's love affair with Bush/McPalin and other horror stories

If Obama can be called a terrorist, by the hateful of the McPalin campaign, because he had a casual neighbors meeting with some old guy who was involved in some bad things when Barack was eight years old, what can be said about McCain recieving the endorsement of al Qaeda?

Al-Qaeda Supporters Endorse McCain

McCain Camp: When Terrorist Endorses Obama, It’s For Real; When One Endorses McCain, It’s A Head Fake

War crimes were committed. Bush policies of rendition, torture, indiscriminate use of weapons improper among civilian populations, seriously overused troops in a deadly supercharged environment, profiteering, and negligent planning wrapped up in a refusal to admit any mistakes, have made Bush Neoconservative’s opponents of peace toward the US, Iraq and the people of the region if the instability spreads.

Those in charge are to blame for this mess because they’re the ones that put the horror in motion. Neocon policies have become the best recruiting tools for Al Qaeda and like-minded groups. Money has been wasted, misused and stolen causing us to rely on China and other nations to finance our illegitimate occupation while keeping the lifestyles of the powerful undisturbed. They’ve left the brunt of domestic sacrifice for this war of lies to be carried by the military families with little support from the Republican chicken hawks who so frequently love to envelop themselves with flags, yellow ribbons and military paraphernalia.

If anything 'ole 100 years war, don't talk to anybody' McCain, will make everything worse.

We haven't had any Mid Eastern terrorist attacks since 9-11, not only because of good law enforcement, but, because al Qaeda doesn't want to upset the apple cart provided so generously by Bush/Cheney. It only makes sense that they would bet that McPalin would keep the gravy train rolling.

The Bush/Cheney Neocons screwed the Afghanistan people and our troops, who were fighting the terrorists who really did attack our country on 9/11, by running away from the ‘war on terror’ hijacking it for neoconservative desires. Iraq is a drain on our resources, both military and financial.

As a consequence Al Qaeda has grown in strength, membership, and territory. The Taliban is regaining strength in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden is still free, and in charge of Al Qaeda, which is gaining strength and free reign in western Pakistan. So now, along the Afghanistan and Pakistan border, where we should have had a strong presence for several years, the training camps are back in business. It was from just such a training camp, from the same region, the attacks against us were planned and launched.

We can’t do anything substantial to curtail their growth because we are bogged down in Iraq, while seriously running down the morale and readiness of our military and the economic stability of our nation. This is what has left our national interests vulnerable both at home and abroad. That is what Al Qaeda finds joy in.

McCain and the whole political right have a long history of embracing and being embraced by right-dictators.

McCain's Private Visit With Chilean Dictator Pinochet Revealed For First Time

Paul Weyrich - "I don't want everybody to vote" (Goo Goo)



McPalin campaign puts away flag - disrespectfully

Palin has no idea what the Vice President does. Well, she has no idea of what the constitution says about this job, which has been regarded by many as a lonely trudge to nowhere. Are the fascist-leaning scoundrels, who have her ear, putting ideas of a future grab for more influence and control.

Every one must vote to drown the cheaters with our numbers.

Countdown on the embarassment that is Sahra Palin...

Matthews on the embarrassment and mind numbing spin for the voluntarily ignorant...

Constitution of the United States
Article I: The Legislative Branch
Section 3
Clause 4:
The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no Vote, unless they be equally divided.

Is Posse Comitatus Dead?
an interview by Amy Goodman

Posse comitatus has been damaged considerably by the 109th Congress by sneaking in a provision for the president to be able to use the military as a police force.

To quote the New York Times, “Beyond cases of actual insurrection, the president may now use military troops as a domestic police force in response to a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, terrorist attack or to any “other condition.”

This is another power grab by the Bush administration and giant step forward to total control by the executive branch.

The New York Times
Making Martial Law Easier
path to dictatorship

police state

nation of laws; not men

Naomi Wolf: "The end of America" an interview by Amy Goodman

preemptive attack on thought !?!

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