Monday, October 06, 2008

Struggling to keep up with the 'Pants on Fire Express"

I received this link in an email from Human Rights Watch; about this...

United States: Bush Signs Law on Child Soldiers

Measure to Prosecute Recruiters Abroad Puts Commanders on Notice

(New York, October 3, 2008) – Under a new law signed today by US President George W. Bush, leaders of military forces and armed groups who have recruited child soldiers may be arrested and prosecuted in the United States, Human Rights Watch said today. The law could apply to leaders of dozens of forces that have recruited and used child soldiers in over 20 armed conflicts.

Groundbreaking mental health legislation passes

If child soldiers are put to the path to extinction, and the mentally ill are treated with fairness and dignity, this may be a silver lining. Although both should have been passed standing on their own but the Republican controlled Congresses from Clinton on refused to act and the current Republican minority in the Senate has been just large enough to block all legislation involving any kind of regulation of business or anything that would depart from the Bush agenda.

McCain Bailout Fallout

Bailout: Will it work?

You could say, Look, is this guy, Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted? Most of us have never heard of him before. And where there is a parallel with Vietnam is: What's plan B? What do we do next? We sent our troops into Vietnam to protect the bases. Lyndon Johnson said, Only to protect the bases. Next thing you know.... Well, we've declared to the terrorists that we're going to strike them wherever they live. That's fine. But what's next? That's where there might be some comparison.
John McCain, 1998

Thirty Lies Refuted About Ayers And Obama

Drilling Down on the Facts in McCain’s Speech

AP: Palin's Ayers Attack "Racially Tinged"

Begala: McCain sat on board of racist group

from Wikipedia - i know but it's a good place to start googling

World League for Freedom and Democracy

United States Council for World freedom. Board of Directors and Advisory Board. 1986.

Sean Hannity Gives Platform To GOP Smear Merchant To Scare Viewers About Obama

The way they've conducted themselves, during this campaign, McCain/Palin have shown that they have embraced the concept of 'the end justifies the means'. That's another Noecon/Rovian principle that caused us to run away from the war on those who attacked us and the promises we made to Afghanistan, which landed us in preemptive war and a misguided nation building occupation in Iraq. McCain participated in that type of hazardous thinking when he voted for the Iraq war and when he voted to give Bush the excuse from Congress he needs to ' Shock and Awe' Iran. Torture, spying on Americans and conservative economic ideology are all examples of trying to get some desired result by doing what's wrong.

McCain/Palin have been demonstrating that they continue to embrace risky 'end justifies the means' method of problem solving by the way they continue to embrace Rovian politics steeped in lies, innuendo and now with racist born hate. They reach back as far as they can for some tiny tidbit they could distort, Carl Rove style (it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not just say a distortion enough times and the public will perceive it as being true). We don’t need anymore of that. It's the same style of conducting themselves that we have been decrying throughout the long dark Neocon-absorbed Cheney/Bush years.

Bush/McCain/Palin lie to America about terror

Olbermann special comment on Palin and terrorism lies


Fox and Reactionary radio * are fomenting war, hate, and distrust of all who don't walk lockstep with Neocon objectives. WHY?

It has already been well established that the Neoconservative dominated Cheney/Bush administration are fascists. All totalitarian oriented societies or political parties whether they've achieved complete power or not need, no must have, a propaganda arm. Fox and reactionary radio are that arm. Their job is to take a spin on the truth, a distortion of it or an outright lie and paint it as the most pro-American or pro-Christian point of view for anyone who loves America to hold. Their very good at playing on peoples prejudices and weaknesses. In other words they are very gifted at getting people to believe what isn't true with gusto. The sad thing is they have no idea it's all being used against them and that the propagandists have no love or respect for those who they fool.

It's absolutely amazing for those of us who have been fortunately immune from this vileness to watch their effect on their mesmerized adherents. The word or phrase of the moment that encapsulates Neocon ideas or concepts are universally parroted by the blind sheep. There's no amount of facts, proof or evidence that can deter them from their hypnotic trance.

This same group screams about the liberal press but that same press much of which is corporate controlled does little to expose the distortions and lies of the Conservative right. They do little to aid in exposing the truth which is much too often treated as opinion. To their credit they do the right thing now and then but they play ball far too often with administration and corporate goons.

The propagandists have a back-up for when the corporate heads don't interfere with the press and they actually do their jobs, it's called 'distrust'. They have all made it very clear to their hypnotic audience that the truth comes only from them. No one else is to be believed.

We hold the true truth.

It's dangerous to listen to them.

We are the truth.




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