Friday, October 17, 2008

Gov. Chris Gregoire for the continued health of Spokane

Go With Gregoire

Chris Gregoire's Primary Night Victory Speech

Gov. Chris Gregoire is the right person for Washington State. Every issue of importance to all citizens of this state is best handled by her. As a disabled person her opponent and Bush-like Republican Rossi would be a disaster for all of us in this group. Not only would he hurt the disabled community he would be a catastrophe for the health of the states children and their education.

Candidates differ on kids' coverage
Rossi cut health care for children; Gregoire added to insured

The deregulate and privatize attitude of the current GOP, which Rossi is in proud agreement would hurt our state just as it has the country. We don't need any more of that.

Gov. Chris Gregoire talks to Democrats

America is moving toward hope and change with a President Obama. Rossi would fight him every chance he could which would hurt our state, causing us to miss out on the historic advancements on the way.

Who would be a 'greener' governor?
A look at the differences between Gregoire, Rossi on environmental issues

Our current good Gov. Gregoire would be in the best position to see that our state moves ahead during these trying, yet exciting times ahead.

Washington State Governor Endorses Obama

It's imperative that Christine Gregoire be re-elected governor for the continued health and well being of Washington State.

Watch the Governors debate in Spokane.

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