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Obama is presidential; McCain - not

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Obama on Pakistan & McCain's confused distortions

We commit, allow and turn our backs away from many atrocities because we want to better our position in the third world. Our government puts the best spin on these episodes whenever they see the light of day and claim it’s all in an effort to fight radical Islam. But are we truly any better when we endorse the same human rights abuses as our foes? Does it matter what side of the fence the bullet came from when you lie dying?

Friendly Dictators

I suspect the fight against Muslim fundamentalism, under the Bush administration, is more often a fight for economic influence disguised as a fight for freedom. But, when we support a country whose government mutilates human rights we hand an ideological victory and propaganda tools for insurrectionists to use against us. Where they suppress speech we should encourage it. Where they use violence we should react with diplomacy, food and medical care. We should never provide military assistance or have friendly diplomatic ties with any country that violates the civil liberties of its citizens.

For example, we have close economic ties with China whose benefits evidently carry more weight than the blood spilled by democracy loving students or the freedom and human rights we say we cherish so deeply. Policies such as this soil the Stars and Stripes far more than any match.

It is immoral to keep a people held hostage under a dictator or totalitarian system by providing the weapons, money or both needed to stay in power, then turn around and wage war against these same people because the same tyrannical government becomes unacceptable. This situation in Panama left hundreds if not thousands of civilians dead.

This wasn’t a just war. Our past involvement in the region has us holding much of the blame for the conditions which led to this fiasco. The people of Iraq, who were held hostage by US supported Saddam Hussein for many years, were victimized by him……and now they have been victimized by the United States. Possessing the ability to carry out a decisive military invasion and regime change does not justify our actions; rather the results vividly illustrate the moral bankruptcy of war.

Our lack of Neocon encouraged national patience spread devastation across the region. The people of Iraq have suffered extensive physical damage and loss of life into the tens of thousands if not a million.

The Cheney/Bush administration screwed the Afghanistan people and our troops who were fighting the terrorists who really did attack our country on 9/11 by running away from the ‘war on terror’, hijacking it for neoconservative desires in Iraq and at home.

The Taliban is regaining strength in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden is still free and in charge of Al Qaeda which is gaining strength and free reign in western Pakistan. We can’t do anything to curtail their growth because we are bogged down in Iraq while seriously running down the morale and readiness of our military. Our continuing occupation of Iraq is harming us while allowing Al Qaeda to grow in organization, strength and territory to be able to set up training camps along with a platform to attack us.

General Pervez Musharraf, of Pakistan, was a military dictator who acquired power by way of a coup. He was just the latest example of ‘our dictator in the pocket’, at least until it all fell apart. Human Rights under our dictator ally were horrendous. So now there is general dissatisfaction and protest among the population, who Musharraf abused for his own power-lust, and distrust of us. They have weapons of ‘mass destruction’, those who would attack us are educated, harbored and trained within their borders, and bin Laden is protected there.

Afghanistan situation is rapidly worsening: US intel

Pakistan violence

The ‘declare success then cut and run’ tactic employed by the Bush administration in Afghanistan so we could engage in their dirty little occupation in Iraq, has left this area of the globe much more unstable. And, now, were left hoping Pakistan will do for us what we should have done ourselves.

So we must deal with a weak democracy, distrustful of America, with the Bomb, pointed at India, facing a Taliban-like insurgency that will have the Bomb, pointed at whomever, if they launch a successful coup.

If we know where Bin Laden is we should get him. but to launch any military attack into Pakistan would be fool hardy at best with this current group we have occupying the Whitehouse.
The next administration must use diplomacy with human rights as its cornerstone. In all international dealings most feel that our national interests should be first and foremost. But, when we side with a dictator against the best interests of the countries own citizens it always does them and us a great disservice.

Obama: I Will Have Credibility With Muslim World

McCain's volitile temper (with video)

Younger Military Families Closing Ranks Around Obama

McCain steps up character attack on Obama

They are not only acting in an insulting way to all Americans but in a way that is deamning to the whole history of our democracy. It is outrageously shameful to accuse the duly electeted Democratic representative of the loyal opposition of terrorism and treason as it is equally beneath the dignity of anyone claiming the label of American to act in a way that is disruptive of it's time honered and tested traditions of freedom and liberty.

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Guilt by Association


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