Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Never Ending McPalin, Pance-On-Fire, Fear and Hate Tour Continues

Rally attendee calls to 'kill' Obama

Investigation ties Palin to 'extreme right-wing fringe'

My, just submitted today Letter to the Editor...

Bravado driven nationalism that disguises hate in an illusion of the defense of mom and apple pie does not improve its immorality.

McPalin's angry hooligans, behave very much as a fascist driven torrent looking to wash away everything that doesn't fit into their tiny ideological mindset. They, who accepted all things Bush, are the same who believe the lies that Barack is a terrorist, traitor and anti-christ. What's dangerous is that the McPalin team are encouraging racism, hate and violence among the intellectually and emotionally unstable.

They are ready and willing to accept something as being green one day, then believe, without a doubt, because they've been told, that same thing is orange the next day; convinced it never was green, while it has been, in fact, truly blue all along.

They have been so dominated by right-wing purveyors of lies on the radio and FOX that they cannot open their minds to the fact that these personalities are making fools of them for their own illicit gain.

They are not only acting in an insulting way to all Americans but in a way that is demeaning to the whole history of our democracy.

They haven't printed my last few letters to the editor. In fairness to them I have been in there many times so it would make sense, during an election, to allow more voices, with which they are probably flooded.

Olbermann - McCain suspend your campaign

What Rush has to say, below, isn't just hateful, it's disgustingly dismissive of the whole 'melting pot pride and glory that has made this land of ours great. Pride in only what you can steal from America; is a far cry from, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but, ask what you can do for your country."
Rush Limbaugh on ACORN/Obama's 30 year hate mission

Yes, I believe the 'Neocon' core, of the right-wing, of the current Republican, party is fascist. No, I don't believe they are Hitler or any other example of this disgraced ideology. They are they're own unique version of this corruption that may ultimately be termed something else by future historians or political scientist; but, for us, for now, fascism is close enough.

Tell McCain to End the Politics of Hate

Why do we want to encourage this horrible nightmare to repeat itself? Blindly acting as if this disgrace of our history had some legitimacy.

1960's Civil Rights Movement


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