Monday, October 20, 2008

GOP encouraged hate interferes with democracy

My letter to the editor was printed in Sunday's paper.

I didn't plan on having this many links backing my letter up. Sadly, shamefully, there could have been many more. I really wanted to talk about the celebration of democracy. A celebration cherished by generations which we were fortunate enough to participate in, loosely described below.

CNN fact-check: ‘This is looking like a fraud committed against ACORN.’

ACORN says McCain rhetoric led to racist threats

Bachmann Wants McCarthy-Like Witch Hunt For Anti-Americans

from RAW STORY...

Gun shop stages 'Pre-Osama bin Biden' sale

Turley: 'GOP challenges look like suppression'

Grandmother sues McCain for hate speech

Limbaugh repeats Powell accusation: ‘IT WAS TOTALLY ABOUT RACE!’ ( discusting
video )

Keith Olbermann special comment on what is pro-America

Cartoonist depicts Colin Powell as Benedict Arnold in blackface.

Bachmann Lies, Denies She Ever Called Barack Obama’s Views ‘Anti-American’

Murrow vs. McCarthy

The campaign signs along the public areas of my street have been taken down and thrown on the ground frequently. I put them back up where they were when I notice it. Well, sometime Friday night someone placed twenty signs in my front yard, Republican and Democratic. I'm keeping four of the signs but the rest I have been putting them back up only to watch them disappear. Someone really hates this time of year.

On Saturday we met Courtney Gregoire at the Ferris High School parking lot and recieved our assignment. We were sent out to canvass our neighborhood area. Not to every house but to registered voters who haven't been filling out ballots. We asked if they received their absentee ballots, encouraged them to send it in quickly and to vote for Obama, Gregoire and the rest of the Dems.

It was really hard...... We have MS and we can walk; not very well for very long, but we can hobble around. We live up on Spokane's South Hill which is a rocky hilly place with many homes having steep stairs to the front door. We're really not supposed to be on stairs. But, we did it. We must have been the last ones done, probably by a long shot, since everyone was gone from the parking lot when we finished.

We did it. Exhausted and in pain, but we did it. All in all we felt pretty good about the experience. Many people weren't home, which was a drag when we had to scale the stairs. Only two people said we are voting Republican, many wouldn't tell you how they were going to vote, and two weren't going to vote at all. One of the no vote people was a lady upset at the negativity. I think we may have turned her around. The other person I think we may have turned around was a no vote Vietnam Vet with quite a few problems. He was upset at the way Kerry was treated at the last election. He was a nice guy who we ended up talking to for a while. I got hopes for the guy.

Our spirits were always lifted when we called on supporters for Obama. They were all tickled to see us and there were plenty of smiles and encouragement.

(wow, I, just read this, it really shows when my brain and body is shut down)

Sec. Powell endorses Barack Obama

Sour note for American Muslims in election campaign

The Daily Show - Pfriend or Pfoe



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